Logic Template — DJ Krypton & Jenz Steiner — Berlin Moskau 2.
Created in Logic Pro X 10.0

Genre: Rap / Hip-hop
Produced by DJ Krypton

I’ve used third party plugins in this Logic project.
1. For the Drum section I used my favorite Drum Machine Battery 4. I use this plugin nearly in all my projects.
2. The Bass sound in this project consists of two tracks. On first track I used Dune synth, and on the second one Kоntakt library Scarbee Rickenbacker Bass.
3. Rev Rhodes — is just a reverced Rhodes cords sound.
4. Rhodes P — sample I found in one of the libraries. It’s just fits good it this arragenement.
5. Organ sound I found in Vintage Organs Kontakt 5 library.
6. Pre Cords — few notes from Logic’s build in Electropiano.
7. Cords Dune — melody played on Dune Synth.
8. Cords Kontakt — same melody played with Vintage Keys Kontakt 5 library.
9. Synth Melody — second melody played with Analog Lab Synth.
10. Synth Melody 2 — second melody played with different sound with Analog Lab Synth.
10. Next four tracks is so called Horn Section. Rendered Kontakt 5 Session Horns sounds.
11. All other tracks are vocal tracks.
Logic Pro X Template
MAC Compatible
Additional Instruments, Plugins
1. Battery 4 (v.
2. Kontakt 5 (v.
3. Dune (v.1.35)

4. Analog Lab (v.1.0.3)

1. Waves SSLComp (
2. A.O.M. Stereo Imager D (v.1.5.2)
3. PSP MixSaturator2 (v. 2.1.0)
4. Nomad Factory Pulse-Tec Passive EQ (v. 1.00)
5. A.O.M. Invisible Limiter (1.5.2)
6. FabFilter Pro-C (v. 1.22)
7. NI Driver (v. 1.0.1)
8. Waves CLA-2A (v.
9. Waves DeEsser (v.
10. Waves RCompressor (v.
11. Waves SSL EQ (v.
12. Waves L1 Ultramaximizer (v.
Tracks: 20 MIDI Tracks, 24 Audio Tracks

Produced by DJ Krypton


Tempo: 98 BPM

Size : 108.7 MB


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