Wedding videos and photos are, unfortunately, the most common, and for many, the only way to earn real money on a photo or video. It is disgusting that, in addition to worries directly about the shooting itself and its preparation, you have to ‘rot’ in front of the computer for days, making a film and discussing options with impatient customers. And money is often spent a long time ago or given back on account of debts.) After the installation itself, you just need to beautifully “sell” the film or photo album to customers. A beautiful cover often camouflages a bunch of flaws in shooting and editing. As well as correct color correction).

To facilitate your work, I post completely free, in my opinion, quite tasty DVD covers, which will help save your time when it’s not time for design …
Also, if necessary, it is possible to make invitations and cards for tables at a banquet from these templates.

And of course, this template in slightly modified versions can be safely used on many weddings without second thoughts … How to pay – and work)


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